Terms of Use


The following terms apply to the whole content and all activities of “The New IR Scholar”  Project and using it means that you unconditionally accept these terms in overall.


The “New IR Scholar” never stores, sells or shares any of your personal information in any way and will never send you any e-mail requesting these information. Should you receive such a message, you are strongly encouraged to forward it to newirscholar@live.com or info@newirscholar.com .

Comments or anything else considered as spam by the Project’s operators will not be posted.


The New IR Scholar is not responsible for the safety standards and condition of any external page leaded to by the links posted on its pages. External links are ones that do not start with http://www.newirscholar.com or https://thenewirscholar.wordpress.com . Responsible for external links are only the administrators of the pages they are connected to. The New IR Scholar is only responsible for links that start with http://www.newirscholar.com and https://thenewirscholar.wordpress.com . That said, you are strongly encouraged to contact the New IR Scholar administration  by e-mail should a concern about any of these links arises.


There is no intention for any copyright breach concerning the material posted on the pages of the Project. In case of a concern or objection, please contact the administration through the e-mail addresses written above.

On the other hand, from your part, you are obliged to respect copyrights of others.

The logo of The New IR Scholar has been created by the founder herself and is considered copyrighted.

Publishing through The New IR Scholar

By submitting any text, you accept your obligation to abstain from plagiarism as well as racist, sexist or otherwise offensive comments and you are expected to always respect the opinion, nationality and sexual orientation of the other users as well as the administrators.

Events and Opportunities

For any event or opportunity submitted to The New IR Scholar for publication or any other form of promotion, you are obliged to state all details of the opportunity that you advertise. Your submission must be as clear as possible and the administration maintains the right to check by any means your submission, the existence of your organization and its activities, as well as the safety standards of any link that you submit for the promotion of the opportunity that you offer. Being respectful of this term is strictly required, as it is a matter of safety for the people whom you target and the reputation of the Project.

After the successful admission you will be notified by e-mail about its progress.

Change of Terms

The administration maintains the right to modify at any time the above terms.


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