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Funding: PhD Scholarships, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

7 Sep

Funding: PhD Scholarships, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Funding: Postgraduate funding opportunities, Keele University

22 May

Funding: Postgraduate funding opportunities, Keele University.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Keele University is offering various funding opportunities to postgraduate students for the 2014-2015 academic year, for studies in Politics and International Relations

Funded PhD Programmes, University of Kent, UK

30 Apr

Funded PhD Programmes, University of Kent, UK.

Vacancy: Research Assistant in Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University

28 Aug

Nottingham Trent University are looking for a research assistant in social sciences

Research Assistant in Social Sciences – Nottingham Trent University – jobs.ac.uk.

Funding: 2013 Glasgow International College Achievement Awards, UK

25 Feb

The University of Glasgow is offering 6 postgraduate scholarship positions in the fields of Social Sciences, Science and Engineering. The applicants have to be current students pursuing a taught MA degree for the term of 2013/2014. The deadline for applications is 26 April 2013. For details click here

Vacancy: Lecturer in International Relations, Lancaster University

5 Jan

The Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University seeks to appoint a Senior Lecturer or Lecturer in Politics/International Relations and Religion. All major areas of Politics/International Relations and Religion will be considered.

For details, go to http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AFT526/senior-lecturer-lecturer/


Event: The Europe Meets Latin America Conference – Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin

23 May

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) is organizing The Europe Meets Latin America Conference. This event will be taking place in Berlin from July 24th-27th, 2012 and will be the part of a series on Young Leaders programs. Take this opportunity to meet and… network with like minded people from across the world, during this international week-long seminar.

The Forum agenda includes lectures, seminars and workshops led by experts from the fields of economics, politics and diplomacy, nation branding and civil society. ICD staff will also provide you with the opportunity to take part in social events and experience the city of Berlin.

For details, visit http://www.culturaldiplomacy.org/cdla/index.php?en_cdla

Vacancy: Internship at the International Centre for Black Sea Studies

14 Feb

The International Institute for Black Sea Studies (IIBSS) are looking for one intern, whose duties will be publication editing, research assistance and support in administration and event-planning.

The internship is going to start on 1 April 2012 and will last for 4-6 months. It will preferably be a full-time post and in any case the intern will have to work for at least twenty hours per week.  Interns will have their own workspace and are expected to fully integrate into the team. In recognition of their work, interns will receive a small stipend and a reference letter upon successful conclusion of the internship.

IIBSS is a think tank based in Athens focusing on security, energy anf environmental policy issues of the Black Sea region.

To be eligible, you need to have the following qualifications:

-At least one degree in Social/Political Sciences

-Proven interest in Black Sea issues

-Fluency in English. Literacy in Albanian, Armenian, Azeri, Bulgarian, Georgian, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish and Ukranian will be considered a plus.

-Literacy in ICT applications (Word, internet etc.). Any supplementary skills (such as database and website management) will be considered an advantage

-Valid permit to stay and work in Greece as well as a valid health cover are prerequisites

The deasline for applications has been set for 29 February 2012. For more information visit http://www.icbss.org or send an e-mail to  icbss@icbss.org



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