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Publishing Opportunity for Graduate Students

27 Nov

Publishing Opportunity for Graduate Students.


Urgent: Call for Submissions, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

19 Jul

Bulletin of the Atomic Agencies are launching a new monthly publication “Voices of Tomorrow”, in which an article of a high-school student university student or graduate student will be published each issue. The paper-call for this issue is already on, so hurry!

For details click here:  http://thebulletin.org/press-release/bulletin-atomic-scientists-call-submissions-voices-tomorrow

The deadline is 23 July 2013


Paper call for publishing: Journal of the International Relations and Affairs Group

28 Mar

The editorial board of the Journal of the International Relations and Affairs Group (JIRAG) has called for paper submissions for its forthcoming Summer 2013 issue. The announcement is as follows:

The Journal of the International Relations and Affairs Group (JIRAG) invites submissions of papers for its forthcoming Summer 2013 Issue.

The Journal will be published in PDF and hard copy formats. Past editions of the journal are also available online for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers. All articles submitted to the journal are confidentially refereed by at least two independent referees. The language the journal publishes in is English.

The topics of the Summer 2013 Issue will be on the below topics:

We Seek Papers On:

• The role of international business (including trade and investment) in military conflicts
• The impact of potential economic sanctions on the coordination and configuration strategies of global companies
• The relationship between political and diplomatic disputes and international business activity
• The impact of terrorism (including cyber terrorism) and threats of terrorism on international business (or nation-state)
• The relationship between international trade and investment and terrorism
• The analysis and management of the political risks arising from the new security environment
• The impact of resource nationalism and energy security on international relations
• The role of and risks posed to international business in ethnic, sectarian and religious conflict
• The responsibilities of multinational firms in failed states
• The human rights responsibilities of multinational firms or host nation state
• The contributions multinational firms can make to the management of post-conflict resolution or humanitarian emergencies
• The relative roles of the private sector and NGOs in peace or recovery operations
• The relationship between national security, information and communication technology, and international business and nation-state
• The ethical responsibilities of multinational firms in war and conflict situations or humanitarian emergencies
• The external stakeholder relations strategy of multinational firms in conflict situations and humanitarian emergencies
• OR on Either – the security impact of globalization, Economic effects of Globalization, Conflict Resolution Strategies, The Role of the Intelligence Community, International Joint Counter Terrorism, Homeland Security outside of the US, Geopolitics, Assistance in an International Disaster

Manuscript submissions will be accepted between March 28, 2013 to June 28, 2013. Please identify your paper as a submission for the Summer Issue, and include the words “Summmer Issue Submission” on your subject line and title page. Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word at font size 12, with 1 inch margins. All submissions must have at least an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page.

Submissions must follow the rules recognized for peer reviewed journal articles and not merely be opinion based, therefore, a submission must be backed up with research and citations. Submissions must include a SIGNED NON-PLAGIARISM STATEMENT, INFORMATION FOR CONTRIBUTORS, STYLE GUIDE USED (APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago), and ABSTRACT. All submissions will go through the JIRAG regular double-blind review process and follow the same norms and processes.

Manuscripts that have major spelling and grammatical issues will automatically be rejected. As manuscripts are accepted for publication, members will receive correspondence via email that the manuscript has been accepted. If manuscripts are not accepted reasons will be sent to the member as to why.

For more information about this Call for Papers, or to submit your manuscript, please email the Issue Editors at:


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