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2015 Kosovo International Summer Academy

24 Apr

2015 Kosovo International Summer Academy.


Conference: Chania-Med Forum, Crete, Greece

26 Jun

Conference: Chania-Med Forum, Crete, Greece.

Kosovo Summer Program, BEA Institute, Prishtina

24 Apr

Kosovo Summer Program, BEA Institute, Prishtina.

Course: Bridge Education Abroad Institute, Kiev, Ukraine

14 Apr

Poster studentsBridge Education Abroad Institute is organizing its annual summer school in Kiev, Ukraine. The programme will focus this year on International Security, post-Soviet Politics, International Economy and European Politics and is to take place between 22 July – 2 August 2013. The Tentative programme is out already and the deadline for applications is 31 May 2013. You can find the page of this year’s course here

Below is the announcement as it was received:

Bridge Education Abroad Institute is a fast growing study abroad institute, based in the state of Maryland, United States of America. Our institute plans short programs all across the world, to provide students with unique opportunities to experience different political cultures while strengthening their leadership and diplomacy skills. Our programs draw a diverse group of students together from all over the world to discuss pressing global issues while exchange cultural values. In a rapidly globalizing world, we believe these experiences are invaluable to the success of students in the global job market. Our programs differ from the traditional semester or yearlong study abroad programs in that ours are about two weeks long. Many busy students who cannot arrange long trips abroad will find that our programs present an opportunity for international experiences they before could not schedule. For the summer of 2013, we have one program scheduled in Kiev, Ukraine during the dates July 24th – August 02nd, 2013. This program will include lectures from experienced professors and guest speakers from all over the globe, including the United States of America. The students will enrich their knowledge of Ukraine’s history, international politics, and economics while also enjoying travel to famous and historic places. We also encourage students to get to know one another and share cultural values through planned social events. Even with the summer close at hand, there are still plenty of students still figuring out their plans for the upcoming break. We hope you will consider recognition of our institute as an option for your students who are looking for international opportunities. We would greatly appreciate if you can pass the information about our program on to your students. If you believe you have students at your university that would be interested in this unique opportunity, please inform them to contact us via info@beainstitute.org Thank you very much for your support, and to find more information about our program, you may visit www.beainstitute.org.


Anna Veremyova,

Bridge Education Abroad Institute

Ukraine PR Director

Course: The International Centre for Leading Studies, Chania, Crete, Greece

12 Mar

Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation is continuing its tradition of successful leadership programmes with the organization of The International Centre for Leading Studies, taking place in the Cretan town of Chania.

TICLS is an academic programme providing training in political economy, conflict management and leadership studies and the selected participants will have to sit a three-hour examination at the end of the course. During TICLS, students from all around the world are going to study and interact in the safe environment provided on the campus of MAICh. They will attend lectures given by internationally recognized professors, listen to VIP guests from the field of Politics, participate in overnight discussions at the outdoor amphitheatre of the campus (owl-night discussions), party on and off campus, swim in the Cretan famous beaches and learn about the Cretan civilization.

The first TICLS is taking place this year from 19 July to 8 August and applications are open. To know more, go to the TICLS homepage

To learn more about Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation and the opportunities offered, visit the homepage of the organization.

Funding: 2013/2014 Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarship for Chilean Students

25 Feb

Government of Canada is offering Canada-Chile leadership exchange scholarship for Chilean students. Exchange Scholarships provide students from Chile with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels. The scholarship value varies depending on the duration and level of study. Students or researchers remain registered as full-time students in their home institution during this exchange.

For details, click here

Urgent Call for Tunisian, Turkish and MalteseYoung Leaders

31 May

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS), in partnership with Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation (GAAEC) and Georgetown University, organize every summer in Chania, part of the Greek island of Crete, the International Institute for Political and Economic Studies (IIPES), to educate and connect young leaders interested in international affairs. This year it will take place between 21 July – 5 August 2012.

This is an academic course and the students are expected to sit proper exams, which will lead to a certificate and three academic credits for Georgetown University courses (that is, if you are a Georgetown University student or you are planning to apply, you will have one less module to worry about).

Although the deadline for applications has by far expired, the organizers need attendants from Malta, Tunisia and Turkey and have decided to extend the deadline for people from these countries, who will also receive a fellowship. The website of the event is here:  http://www.tfasinternational.org/iipes/about

Because the application portal is now closed, please send the required transcripts to education@gaaec.org  referring to the President of GAAEC, Mr. Theodossis Georgiou. To be considered, you must attach the following:

  • One letter of recommendation: The letter can be from someone who knows you well and a respected/law-abiding member of society. The letter should be a maximum of one page, typed on letterhead and have the name, address, email (if available) and signature of the author. 
  • An official transcript in English:From your home university indicating the courses you have taken and the grades you received in each course. The transcript must be stamped with an official seal. If there is a translation with the transcript, it must include the seal or signature of the official translator. Graduate students (Masters or PhD degrees) must include their undergraduate transcripts.
  • A typed statement-of-purpose not to exceed 500 words stating your career goals and how the Institute will enhance your personal and professional skills in achieving their goals.
  • A CV: It must have this form: http://www.tfasinternational.org/sample_resume.pdf
  • Analytical essay: All applicants must prove their analytical and writing skills answering the question provided below:

“Do you think free trade between nations increases wealth and prosperity for all (both within and between the countries)? Do the economic benefits of free trade outweigh any potential economic losses? Do you think free trade is more or less likely to improve political relations and promote peace between nations? Use some examples from your country or region to highlight potential economic and political gains or losses from international free trade”.  (up to 750 words)

*As a Cretan who was born and raised in the island and as an IIPES 2011 alumni, I would like to confirm that you have nothing to worry about in matters of security. Despite what you have heard on the media, Greece might be going through a major debt crisis which sometimes causes turbulence, but remains one of the safest and most stable countries of this world. Besides, Greece does not consist exclusively of Athens, where the big protests and strikes occur.  Any concerns are understandable, but Crete island is one of the few places on the globe where you can fearlessly walk at night alone and actually enjoy your walk. Besides, the campus is absolutely secure, with gates, security staff and CCTV cameras from corner to corner and the wife of GAAEC’s President, Dr. Aliki Mitsakos, being an excellent doctor with long-term experience, is always there to assist students who might encounter health issues. As an alumni, I must tell you that the experience is just great, the academic level of the programme is very high and the personalities that you will have the chance to speak to and network with are of very high leverage. It would be a shame to miss this brilliant opportunity for fear of issues that do not exist.

Event: “Next Generation Women Leaders”

29 Jan

McKinsey&Company organize the “Next Generation Women Leaders”, a leadership workshop for young women. Applications are received by 17 February 2012. For more information, please visit http://www.next-generation-women.mckinsey.com/home

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