General Sources

General Sources


  1. Foreign Affairs : A bi-monthly magazine globally circulated, very well established in the field. Definitely a must, since world leaders have published their texts in it. This is the first periodical to consider if you are seriously committed to International Politics
  2. The Economist : A weekly magazine circulated globally. Consulted by many high-profile people, it deserves to be read. It contains business as well as political news and articles and sections of general interest, such as technology. A must if you want to stay informed about what is happening in the world.

E-Libraries and Databases

  1. Central and Eastern European Online Library : An relatively small online library with specialization in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The periodicals it contains are classified by country.
  2. J-Stor : A vast database containing millions of full articles. Unfortunately accessible only through academic libraries.
  3. Willey On-line Library : An electronic library which includes all academic disciplines. Quite rich in Social Science texts. Search is absolutely free from everywhere, but only some of the texts are free to download.

Think-Tanks and Groups

  1. Air Force Association : A think-tank on air power.
  2. Center for Defence Information : It contains a lot of Security Studies Information. Among their top issues are conflicts, terrorism, space security and arms trade.
  3. Center for European Policy Studies : A think tank on European Union issues
  4. European Centre for Minority Issues : Centre conducting research and providing information, documentation and advisory services upon minority-majority relations in Europe
  5. European Council on Foreign Relations : A think-tank focusing on research and debate on EU foreign-policy issues.
  6. Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) : A Greek research centre and think tank in Athens, Greece. They produce loads of reports and bulletins and organize a big number of lectures and discussions throughout the year.
  7. Institute for Cultural Diplomacy : A non-profit and non-governmental organization whose purpose is to foster international peace and security through the practice of cultural diplomacy. They conduct research on cultural diplomacy, organize conferences and offer academic programmes.
  8. International Crisis Group : A think-tank devoted to conflict management. Very successful is the monthly bulletin “Crisis Watch”, which monitors the progress or deterioration of all known conflicts in the world. Special reports are also published.
  9. The Caucasus Research Resource Center : A think-tank devoted to Caucasus issues.

10. The Jamestown Foundation : It discusses mainly conflict and terrorism.

  1. Young Professionals in Foreign Policy : A group directed to young professionals in international politics.

International and Regional Organizations

  1. African Development Bank
  2. European Union
  3. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  4. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
  5. Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
  6. United Nations Organization
  7. World Bank

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